Principals/Vice-Principals (P/VP)

About ONE-T

Since 2018, your benefits have been provided through ONE-T – an employee life and health trust – instead of through your employer. ONE-T provides benefits to approximately 8,000 management and non-union employees, and over 8,000 Principals/Vice-Principals (P/VPs). ONE-T’s total membership is over 16,000 members, creating a solid framework for a strong and sustainable benefits trust.

How does the ONE-T trust work?

Essentially, ONE-T oversees all aspects of providing life, health and dental benefits for eligible plan members. The government provides funding, which can be used only to provide the designated benefits to plan members, and cover any reasonable costs to manage and administer the trust.

Providing benefits through a trust offers some key advantages, including stable and sustainable access to benefits. The size of our combined membership means greater buying power and related financial advantages – as well as greater benefits and security for you.

Please note that Long-Term Disability (LTD) benefits are provided separately through an association or employer, not through ONE-T.

Governing documents

There are several key documents that govern the operations of ONE-T. Some were created outside of ONE-T when the trust was established and others were developed by ONE-T for their own governance or developed with their service providers to document the services and costs that they have been engaged to deliver. 

The most important document is by far the Trust Agreement. This is an extensive legal document that was drafted and signed by the Settlors to the Trust on March 8, 2018. Only the Settlors to the Trust can amend the Trust Agreement. The Trust Agreement is the formal document that spells out the rules that the Settlors want followed for the property held in trust for the beneficiaries.

Plan Funding

To fund your benefits, the Ontario government negotiates with the applicable employee associations and provides the negotiated amount of money to the individual employers each year. The boards, in turn, contribute that money to ONE-T to fund your benefits. While funding comes from the majority comes from the negotiated government funding based on the number of full-time equivalents (FTE) staffing positions. The other two sources are investment income and, member contributions where they apply.

ONE-T Board of Trustees

ONE-T is managed by a Board of Trustees responsible for rigorously monitoring the Plans’ financial situation, maintaining the highest professional standards in all of its fiduciary responsibilities and following prudent plan management, governance and funding policies as laid out in the Trust Agreement.

ONE-T Committees

ONE-T maintains three Committees charged with overseeing different aspects of the Plans to ensure strong governance, financial controls and a positive member experience.

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