Retirees (CAEAS-ECAB)

Retiree benefits are provided to members who retired before June 1, 2018, or who meet the eligibility requirements below.

As a retiree covered under ONE-T, we are committed to ensuring you receive the benefits outlined below and more. For a full description of coverages available to you, please refer to your plan summary and booklet.

  • Life insurance
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Dental benefits
  • Hospital
  • Vision care
  • Travel medical
  • Paramedical services

Your benefits under ONE-T will depend on whether you retired before or after June 1, 2018. Click on the plan summaries below for more information:

CAEAS- ECAB Eligibility for post-retirement benefits:

To be eligible to participate in post-retirement benefit plan:

  • An employee is or was employed as a Non-Union Employee by a School Board or by a Participating Employer and retired on or prior toAugust 31, 2019, and at the date of retirement was eligible to receive retiree benefits under an enforceable provision of their terms and conditions of employment with a Participating Employer.
  • was a Designated Executive who ceased employment before August 13, 2021 and whose terms and conditions of employment at the time of cessation of employment contained an enforceable provision entitling them to post-retirement benefits and who is covered by Part B of a Participation Agreement for CAEAS-ECAB Participants and CAEAS-ECAB Retirees.

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