Mental Health and Well-being

COVID-19 continues to challenge our well-being and the need for resources to support our mental health is increasing. Your plan includes benefits to help you care for your mental health and emotional well-being.

Key benefits for mental health

Provides reimbursement for qualified practitioners, for you, your partner and your dependents. This includes the services of psychologists, social workers, or marriage and/or family therapists.

This treatment for anxiety, depression, pain and sleep issues is covered under psychologist services, provided it is referred and monitored by a psychologist. Because you can access CBT online from any device, at any time, these programs can make it easier to get help on your time and when you need it.

Can also be used to pay for paramedical services if you reach the annual maximum before the end of the plan year.

Need to make a claim?

Be sure to review Making Claims and be aware of the claims Appeals Process.

ONE-T also supports mental health and well-being

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